The Dark art of SEO



The sound of Star Wars music increases as Darth Vader enters the room. Trained in the Dark Side he changes the political spectrum of the entire galaxy with mind control, supernatural powers and the slice of a Light Saber. I hear the same music in my mind each time my new SEO expert enters the boardroom of one of our advertising agency's clients. No, not because I'm nuts, but because I have an overactive imagination. The advertising clients are mesmerized by this new "Dark" art. One that cannot and is not taught in traditional classrooms.


Unfortunately only about 2% of the web design community actually understand SEO completely and implement the techniques correctly. The other 98% make an attempt at it but end up doing more damage then good, and of these there is a large number who do nothing or they simply submit the web site to 100,000 search engines and are done.


Search engine results are becoming more important every day as more people use the World Wide Web to find goods, services and information. One way to help your website achieve a decent ranking is by ensuring your site is free of bad links.
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