What Not To Do - SEO Tactics



There are some tactics that you should avoid for sure but let me show you at least one type of site to avoid. These are sites that do reviews or voting of other sites. The problem with this is that there is a good-ole boy club in effect as the maintainers or admins. If you do not qualify under their eyes then you are deemed to be a spammer and your site is deleted from the review process. Forget the fact that your site is not a SPAM site.


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Another question that comes to mind is "Should we Redesign our website?" I once talk to an owner of a domain and he pretty much stated that if they do not get the activity they are looking for then they redesign the entire website from top to bottom. No stone is left unturned. So obviously, my next question was "How do you know that it is not being effective?" The response was, "Our phones are not ringing." WOW!