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Here is where the rubber meets the road. We all know there are tons upon tons of people out there, mostly kids, that know how to build websites or edit web pages. If you have not heard from a potential client that they like what you have shown them but they know a friend of a friend that charges much less. Is it true or are they just trying to get your price down?


This is a crazy business; do you not agree? Search Engine Optimization Services. Really, who would pay for these services? You would be surprised. I have one client that was paying a fair amount of money for Adword advertising and it did not land them one internet customer. Why?


Discover the simple steps to market and keyword research that will have you building profitable websites in a flash. Did you know that those who build search engine optimized websites generally all fail before their website is even online? It's a sad but true fact and the main reason for this is...