Google Adsense Best Ads Placement



Earlier I have been talking about google adsense, what it is, how to use adsense and what to expect. Now there are a couple not to say many thing you can do to increase the chances to get more visitors to click on the ads on your website or blog.


Let's start this article with an interesting example that can probably help you to understand the importance of an SEO company better. Here I go, " It was three years back when I first introduced myself to SEO. One of my friends happened to tell me how I could earn through Google ad sense and Affiliates just when some one clicked on my website.


So let me be BOLD now. If you are new to web development then you will discover there is a brilliant way to add value to words and that is the B tag or bold tag. In the overall plan of things, this is a extremely basic tag and very low level in terms of additional uses. But the power of adding focus to a word is not only in its power but there are other tags that can accomplish the same effect and might be meant as a bit more effective.