How to Use the HTML H1 Tags With Your Keyword Or Keyword Phrase - SEO Tactics



Headlines or Headings are pretty practical and are adapted extensively in HTML based documents and web pages. We have associated HEADLINES with newspapers but believe it or not they can be seen in web pages too. There are a total of six heading tags ranging from H1 to H6. H1 produces the largest form of text and H6 produces the smallest. These are important tags yet they need to be used very independently of similar HTML commands. In other words they do not play well with others.


Our next course of action deals with adding a specialized link on our web page. Not that any link is any more uncommon from the next but this one is directly related to our Key Phrase. Typically, in the navigational section of the website there is probably a link called "Home". In my opinion, this is a impotent link.


I will bet you did not know there were bountiful uses for Keywords and Keyword Phrases. Well, as logic goes, keywords are a very positive thing to make use of as long as they are employed correctly. It is like a pistol. We all know the purpose and what it can do. But in the wrong hands, like a child, it can be very deadly. So how do Keywords become a dangerous force.