How to Use IMAGES With Your Keyword Or Keyword Phrase - SEO Tactics



So how can a graphic be adapted for attaining improved Search Engine results? Is it the name of the picture file itself or possibly what the graphic is about? None of the above - So placing that terrific cutie or handsome male model on your home page will not play any effect at getting more Search Engine traffic to your web site.


Finally, the last in this series. Density and this relates to what? Keywords! That is correct. So what is the big affair? Elude being labeled a Spam site? Yes. But what else? It should be crystal-clear by now. The content on your site needs to have one element that cannot be copied from a book or web page. And that is Readability.


There are quite a few HTML tags ranging from coloring text to enlarging its size. There are even ways to make text move. But it takes special tags for Search Engines to recognize as being persuasive. It is also ironic that the following tags are used in that capacity for isolating importance.