SEO and SEM Explained By a Dummy!



Here is a very simplified breakdown of SEO. The URL is to the title, which is to the description, which is to the headings, and the headings are to the alt tags, and then keywords, keyword phrases and proper keyword density in the content. The headings, the title, the alt tags and the URL have the keywords and keyword phrases incorporated into them, followed by the bottom header of the title again and find links. Oh and make it look natural.


OK, so you're on the internet. You want to find some information about a healthy diet for you cat. Where do you go? Perhaps you remember the URL of a website that might provide this information, but what if it doesn't have exactly what you're looking for? How do you find a website that does?


A highly talked about topic is the SEO world is, "Do Alt and Title Attributes Help with SEO?" Well to help shed a little light on this topic, I did some research and came up with a few good conclusions. I'm not suggesting these are 100% accurate but from my initial research they seem to be right on target. I welcome all other SEO experts to share their opinions on this topic by posting their comments ?? because as we all know, every little bit of information can help us all.